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Our Reproduction Products in hard urethane plastic.

Screws are now available.

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Dimensions / Sizes for the Star Model Super B Pistol;
Measuring right panel from back side: 
4 5/32” long across center of screw holes  x 1 9/16” wide across center of screw hole

Mounting screws for our items are not included.  However, we have screws for most of our items and, if ordered, we will send the appropriate screws.  If we do not have the appropriate screw(s), we will remove the cost from the order; or, if we are not familiar with the proper screws for the item ordered, we will contact you."

Note: Oftentimes, the existing escutcheons have fused
to the old grips and cannot be successfully removed to be reused with the new grips.  If you can retrieve the escutcheons (nuts) from your old grips and have the screw, you will not need to order these new.

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Star Model Super B Screws

One of the Largest Collections of Authentic Reproductions.

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"We are a licensed manufacturer of authentic reproductions in hard plastic of Colt® Gun Grips, Buttplates, and Forends. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us. Triple K Manufacturing Co. Vintage Gun Grips Division 2222 Commercial St. San Diego, Ca. 92113