ColtŪ Wood Grips

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Wood grips are made from the highest quality California and European walnut blanks available on the market today. As with any wood product, it contains moisture, which can evaporate (dry out), and lead to cracking and "checking," if not properly sealed and cared for. The grips are finished with linseed oil, which is a standard practice in the industry, on almost all wood used in the firearms industry, including rifle stocks, which allows them to be modified, sanded, refinished, etc., in case you somehow damage them.


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"We are a licensed manufacturer of authentic reproductions in hard plastic of ColtŪ Gun Grips, Buttplates, and Forends. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us. Triple K Manufacturing Co. Vintage Gun Grips Division 2222 Commercial St. San Diego, Ca. 92113